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+ Means to ADD

When we talk about Mathematics there are actually four basic operations that have dominion over it. The four operations are considered as the four basic building blocks of Mathematics that are used in using Mathematics as a tool of life. The four operations are Subtraction (-), Multiplication (x), Division (÷), and Addition (+). When we talk about Addition (+) we are actually talking about including something into the count like if I say one (1) plus (+) one (1), the sum would actually be a numerical count referring to the two which is obviously two (2). That is one of the major goals of this blog, helping people see things that they should consider including to their lives in order to increase productivity and be a better individual. More is better than less.


The word POSITIVE is characterized by or displaying certainty, acceptance, or affirmation. We all want to be noted as a positive person. Often there are few who would like to dwell in what is noted as positive. Another goal of this blog is to extract who is positive in this life we have or at least help our reader to know what the true positive things in life are so they can live by it. Living a positive image in life becomes a marker that we are living the right way.

+ Means the CROSS

Receiving additives in life and knowing that we are in the marker of doing well is good thing but the thing is what can we consider as the true springboard in order to achieve the two? The answer is the CROSS. For centuries the word CROSS has been viewed as a bad thing. Look at a test paper you did that you did not give much attention to reviewing for and you would actually see a lot of red crosses but the truth is when we talk about a red cross, we should be referring to something that is deeper. In AJ+, the blog wishes to focus on a specific cross that is significant to all that lives in this world. It is the cross that saves which is the cross of Jesus Christ. Want to know more about that? Start by opening the Bible nearest to you and look it up at John 3:16. The truth is there. Come and discover it with us.


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