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Respect isn’t something gained but freely given regardless of what circumstance.

I’m Adrain James and I am the person behind AJ+. I have been an online writer since year 2000. Currently, I am a Corporate Training Head of a printing solutions company based in the Philippines; doing talks to a variety of people differing in ages, professions, mind-sets, religions, and alike. I started doing this as a sixth grade student and in time grew and grew as a passion not just for writing but also in communicating with people; sharing with them my personal life and some of the things I have encountered and learned through the years as an individual who has his own list of victories, joys and most of all mistakes. My goal as a writer is to bridge those experiences to my readers and help them motivate themselves in order to strive to the highest of their potentials and to answer a number of those questions they have concerning their lives and experiences.

I also do writing concerning love and relationships. You may also visit the other blog I contribute to: paishtroth.wordpress.com. In that blog we talk about “Love & Relationships.”

I hope that you would enjoy browsing through this blog. Please feel free to communicate with me through the CONNECT tab on the top portion of this blog or you may send me an email at adrianjamesbriones@yahoo.com. You may also reach me through facebook by clicking the facebook image below:

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