On Nadine and James

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July 16, 2017 by AJ Briones

People don’t go by your standards, so stop judging! I am just fed up with Christians like me who just can’t stop giving their unsolicited comments/advice. People have a right to their opinion but have no right to offend. If we want people to go by our standard, they have to be like us. They have their own standards and that brings them to whatever decision they make. How can they listen if we give them a reason not to listen? It’s not “Christian Responsibility”, it’s JUDGMENTALISM!

It’s unlike me to say stuff life this. Everyone should just stop about Nadine and James or any “bad example” we can tag people as. There’s no such thing as a “Christian’s Comment/Perspective”. It’s always a personal statement. Also! Stop saying they’re public personalities who have influences so they have to be good examples. The heck! We’re all not good examples in one way or another.

Annoyed by all these clips online!

NOTE: This was the same post I placed on my facebook account. Sharing it on my blog after seeing that some took an interest to it. I hope this reaching more people and provide an opportunity for reflection. After which, it’s the reader’s decision to act.


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