Cold Water Splash

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July 15, 2017 by AJ Briones

splashAs a Filipino, we had this old phrase that people say when they wake up to the cruelreality of life. It’s “Nabuhusan ng malamig na tubig” or Cold Water Splash.

In July to August of 2014, an activity was popularized online where people joined in to promote awareness and provide contributions for those who had ALS. Well, that’s what I knew. The point of sharing this is that if you will see the people who participated in this from a static face turned into an ecstatic mode. It was as if they woke up from a shocking dream. The same thing kind of happened to me.

One day, I suddenly woke up with a deep realization. I DON’T WANT TO BE CALLED A CHRISTIAN ANYMORE.

Well, at least by title. I am still a Christian but under the context that I live by what it means to be Christian. I want to go beyond the name of being a Christian and truly be a man of the Way. I don’t want to do good because I carried a title named after my Lord and Savior. I want to transcend that and live authentically as a believer. I want to do things because I genuinely believe in Christ and not because I was given a title. I want people to see Christ in me rather than them hearing that I am in Christ. I want them to see. I want to live by faith. Actually, I want to go beyond what people see. I don’t care if anyone knows I am a Christian. I was to be authentically involved in introducing Christ through how I live – to help people follow Christ and not anyone else.

Some will say, isn’t that being a “Christian”? Well, yes. It is but I’d rather live out my faith than announce it; especially on social media. Some would be taunting now. “Isn’t what you’re doing now a contradiction of what you’re saying? You’re talking about it on your blog.” Well, yes, but whatever is written her is not to announce who or what I am. This is to share faith and belief. I’m just a guy who wants to live according to God’s will – not bound by the expectations of the title I was given, rather, bound by the truth of who Christ is in the totality of existence.

I guess I’ll be receiving reactions to this post but it’s okay. I understand. I just know it’s time to live authentic.

People’s expectations and standards will only pull me down and box me – bounding me with the fear to disappoint. This is my new journey.

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