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April 6, 2017 by AJ Briones

Perceptions formed the way we see, and how the way we see governs how we behave (Steven Covey, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People).

We are judges in a world we created for ourselves. A world not of physical but a world of imaginary “reality”.

People lay victim to that which we pass off as convictions and moral obligations.

When I was younger, I was foolish and zealous. My new found hope caused agony for some. In my mind, I’m free and I am no more of this “world”. It led me to my personal exploits; a crusade against what I viewed as “injustice”. Lesser than a hero, I became a tyrannical judge and jury to people I knew, I know nothing of, I “discipled” and those I did not have anything to do with. It was as I describe it today; evil disguised as a halo on my head.

For those of “The Way” as I am, do not be in stumble. I have not lost my mind nor my anchoring to Christ (the Godhead to be more exact). In fact, I have been reminded and well convinced. Convinced of what? Servanthood and Compassion are expressions of what we aspire to be.

I hope that the blinders we set upon ourselves will no longer hinder us to see for ourselves.


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