Flying, Dreaming of Heroes

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March 15, 2017 by AJ Briones

I’m riding a plane bound for Cebu from Davao (Fransisco Bangoy International Airport) as I am writing this post. The plane is experiencing turbulence (more than I usually experience on my flights). Seated on the section beside the plane’s wings, I am in dismay for the thought that something may happen. I feel the plane shaking and see the wings flap against the wind. This is a first. It gives me a thought of the comic book character Superman and his cousin Supergirl. As I have watched on the latest DC adoptation of the latter superhero (the heroine), heroes like them can catch planes with their bare hands with power zooming up in the sky. As the say, up up and away.

What would I have felt if a hero zoomed in and saved my flight? Would I be filled with ecstatic joy? Fascinated wonder (is this a redundancy; did I spell that correctly? Whatever)?  Seated on the side of the plane where a flashing bright light hits my face (first time to experience this), I ask my “puny” self. Will a hero come for me if such a situation happens. Funny. I made myself grin.

I totally forgot that I already experienced that fascination. In fact, the saving was far more heroic and far more intense with a dash of extreme display of power. It was beyond a matter of life and death. What am I talking about? It was when a God who made all things of old and made all things new chose to be sent to the cross to die for me. I’m talking about Jesus.

It has been quite some time since I talked about the One who saved me from the dark lands where I came from. He is beyond a hero to me. He was a God who created an expendable being like me and treated me precious beyond compare. I have become more than a Lois to a God who is beyond any Superman. For that I am grateful and in overwhelming joy.

Goodbye for now. Interesting. I started out writing this on take off 4:40PM and now the plane is landing at Mactan International Airport (Cebu) at 6:00PM.

I’m living the dream. More than the dream. Thank you for reading.

aj+ up up and away. Leaving you guys with a photo of the skies from where I’m seated.


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