Discord and Whatever You Call It

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March 5, 2017 by AJ Briones

This has been a story long past due to be told. This is a story that has molded the occurrences in my life a created a big chunk of my views on friendship, leadership, realism and mentorship.

I never really knew how to share this. This has been haunting me and causing me to have increasing levels of anguish.

There was an incident I encountered before where a person I taught blatantly attacked an official of the office in which I served before — social media. Young others started to comment in agreeance. Those who were a part of the cream-of-the-crop shared their thoughts as if it was a funny matter online. Unfortunately, I along with a former friend saw it online. Sorry for the words I am about to utter. It was a dumb effort by a childish fool to attack someone in authority. Through me it was known by the management and the news became like wildfire. I became the news and popularity spread. Co-workers started to take sides. Mentors who parented some of those involved attacked me. Day-After-Day, torment by the matter hit me. Who would have ever thought that in the ranks of those who are of the Way would try to cover up blemish at the expense of the acceptance of what’s right? It was no longer a matter of what was right. It became a battle for life. Talk about pressure. Even those who confessed friendship towards me started to distance then take sides. There was no more clarity. Deep inside I wanted to smack all of their faces and smash their pitiful faces on the ground. They until the present time are cockroaches that need to be crushed in my eyes. So unChristian of me, right?

The whole issue ended with some offering their apologies and some still hard headed. I was not vindicated because I became a sacrificial lamb to appease the pack of wolves. In the end, to keep their “credibility” as the institution, I became the offering and what was inaccurate was taken as accurate. Details were planted to make me appear to have presented my guilt and their lives continued moving. I on the other hand lost my trust of the body at which I served. Every single time I remember and see the faces of those who were a part of that incident, my heart beats so rapidly with hands clenched. I was dark. I was the darkness that crept through their flamboyant peaceful lives.

For some readers of AJ+, you must be wondering. What happened? Some of you may start to resent me and the write-ups on this blog but as for me, this is for my freedom. This is me, letting myself be free from witholding my own defense.

At present, some parts of life has been restored. Bit-By-Bit, those who slandered me are now coming to ruin. I grin. This is me, taking my life back.


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