Clouding Emotion (Suspicion)

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March 4, 2017 by AJ Briones

Earlier today, when we arrived from the mall and left our car at the parking space; we encountered a foreigner passing by the gate of the parking area. He suddenly approached my wife and shared that he was mugged and hurt badly; showing his hand and foot with a skinned wounds. He was asking for assistance and if we could lend him some cash to ride a taxi to Solaire (Well, at first, he was just asking for direction). We offered to book him Grab Car but he would not permit us to do so because he would prefer an ordinary taxi. My wife tried to offer him medication but deep inside me I wanted him to leave as soon as possible. Mean? Heartless? That may be what’s running through your minds about me but there’s a reason for me to want something like that. It was all so fishy:

  1. He wanted to just walk to Solaire. From San Juan. If you got near to San Juan and mugged  there or somewhere else, you’d know it was far and challenging to walk;
  2. His wounds were not fresh. They were skinned but not bloody. If those were fresh and he was walking, bleeding must be a visible picture;
  3. He wanted to get our number so that he can inform us if he got home;
  4. The guy still had a belt bag on that appeared to still be intact. Wallets must still be there;
  5. He was all so willing to go to our house and have his wounds fixed;
  6. He said that he already met the police and reported what had happen to him and informed his family in the US of what happened. His cards were to be frozen and will receive money the next day. As mentioned by him. Fishy because, why didn’t the police assist him with returning to his Solaire hotel? How was he able to contact his family of he did not have his phone? If because of the help of the police, how on Earth did they allow the guy to walk back to Solaire? That’s in Pasay. I think; and
  7. He was acting cool. When I argued with the taxi driver who tried to contract him to his way back to Solaire, he was a little bit to grateful saying that only two Filipinos did that for him and that he was happy because Filipinos were like me. He then gave me a fist bumb. Peculiar? Such a cool gesture for someone who faced such a misfortune.

I tried my best to give cues to my wife to let him be but he was too close and mah end up going to our home. Danger in my opinion. I pulled out from my wallet Php 200.00 and told him to ride a cab already. I gave him instructions as to how to not get contracted. I had not choice. I needed to distance us from him. Tried my best to pull my wife back away because it appeared that she was not catching on to my suspicion. I was shaking and worried. Being alert should somethinv happen. I even saw a neighbor viewing us from afar. I sensed that the encountered the man as well. Thankfully, I was able to pull my wife away but I am still in alert. Metro Manila may be a great place but still has its own list of perils.

Call me heartless but I will not allow emotions to cloud my judgment and ability to analyze a situation. It will never hurt to be prepared and to protect those we love. Trust must never be placed because of pitty or any emotional factor. Any time emotions can bring us to ruin and regret.

LESSON: Never be too trusting and clouded by emotion.

I’m hoping that he was legit and that if so, he got home. If he was a fraud? Then please protect us Lord.


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