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February 19, 2017 by AJ Briones

A few days ago, the cousin of my wife went down from upstairs to eat dinner with us. He was with his smile and sharing that he was doing some reading online and cane across this site. He was interested with the things written and was searching for my other blog on live and relationship. I said that I no longer pursued the creation of lovelauncher.wordpress.com and that it has been quie some time since I wrote something on my relationships blog paishtroth.wordpress.com. Well, to be more exact, it has been quite some time since I scribbled something up; even on this site.

I am now married to the love of my life and with a wonderful daughter. Life has been beautiful. Lots of stories to be told and passed on to inspire. Sadly, the fast flow of life in some sort of way caused a hault to my creative writing. Hearing my cousin-in-law brought me to a realization that one of the things the defined me as a professional and person has slipped away from my hands. Something needs to be done.

Ironically, I have still been writing a lot but for different purposes — Reports, Memorandums, Policies and Company Communications. Sometimes I even proofread others’ company documents for circulation; write-ups as such are quite productive and have been beneficial to the operations of the company I provide my services to. In spite of this, my soul, mind and spirit is crying out for a refreshing caused by being a creative writer who aims to inspire change to those who read my work. It’s time to enact change again and as Steve Jobs would say, “Create a dent to the universe.”

I will try my best to provide my insights again through this blog. ajplus.wordpress.com


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