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June 26, 2016 by AJ Briones

It has been a while since I spoke on the stage at Church or any ministry related activity. How long has it been? 4 years and a half since I chose to lay down that identity of mine and enter a new world — the Corporate world.
It has been 2 years since I left sharing the Gospel thru training courses for the production industry, food industry or some people may know as the 24/7 industries; people who have no opportunity to hear the Word.
Now I am in the world of Sales still doing the same thing but this time in the training room sharing about selling products with a hint and a dash of what God thinks about salesmanship.

Today, God made me feel that rush again after so long. For some reason, last night, I opened my Bible in a way that I have never done for so long; then came this day when I went back on the stage but no longer with a youth as the “audience” nor adults as viewers. Kids to be more exact. After years of solitude, the voice of the Jam I knew from years ago surfaced once again.

It wasn’t AJ the Corporate Trainer. It wasn’t Adrian the Outspoken PUP Graduate School Student. It wasn’t Jay the Boss of the Training Group. It wasn’t Sir Jam the Values Teacher. It wasn’t Jam the then bassist turned wirship leader. It wasn’t Jam the Teachnical and Production Ministry Head. It wasn’t the “Leader” Jam who lead Victory Groups. It was Bam, I mean Jam; simply Jam. It’s kind of hard to explain but deep inside that’s what it is.

This may be a dose of nostalgia carrying over but it leaves a question that I know not the answer. Is it time for Jam to return?

Note: How Jam disappeared is another story to tell.


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