As a Christian

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June 18, 2016 by AJ Briones

I am currently reading this book about realigning ones perspective as to how it should be as a Christian. I am honestly overjoyed that what the Word of God revealed to my understanding is confirmed and now in the face of criticism I am able to breathe with more ease.

Persecution has been there from the very start. I don’t know if this is correct, from the time of Adam, Eve, Cain and Abel — persecution has been existing. This reality transformed Christians to adopt or cope. Sadly, many of us search the Word not to do any apologetics, nor to have a deeper fondness of Christ’s love; but to know how to retaliate and protect oneself. This is what I call a self-centered faith.
No one is immune to this self-centered faith. We are all prone to this and probably; at a time we have been splurging ouselves with this subtly growing defense mechanism.

In the other hand, when faced with undesirable omens of challenges to faith we are faced with no more option to equip ourselves with. What do I mean by this? We can’t retailiate (Luke 6:27-31). When we defend our faith we end up being tagged as self-righteous. Doing what’s right isn’t really the easiest option on the table.

Using the Word as a means to share Christ and defend the truth of Christ (apologetics) has now been downsized to defending ones personal motives and actions. What do I mean by this statement? It’s different when we say “This is what God says we do.” and the statement “This is what I know God is telling me to do.” The two  sound awfully the same but when scratch thru the surface and move away the covers we see the difference.

When we say “This is what God says we do.” denotes a foundational source while the latter tells otherwise. “This is what I know…” talks about ones involvement in the measure of what to follow or do; limited by what we know. In other words inabsolute. That’s the dilemma since God’s Word is absolute and we must not contaminate it with feelings or any humanistic inclination. I am not saying that everything humanistic is wrong — critical thinking and evidence over the acceptance of dogma superstition isn’t really bent. We maintain that balance of dogma and thought. God clings to us intellectually as well; as some former atheists who turned to Christ experienced. Before I move away from the topic, living, acting and speaking must be founded on God’s Word and not by what we think it means (1 Timothy 4:12).

Bottomline: Read God’s. Know God’s Word. Study the Word. Live it more than simply saying it.

The Word isn’t designed to justify man’s action, rather to show what man’s action must be in response to the greatness, power of and love of God.


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