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February 27, 2016 by AJ Briones

Deciding to let go of personal biases is tough especially when all sides think you’re on the other side. It was a decision I made the year 2013. To never be at anyone’s side and start looking at things from all perspectives. Received lots of criticism but it is all well. Things started to make sense and compassion and understanding fell upon me. Yes, it hurts a lot of times when I find it weird to see people not opening their minds and of course throw statements but the decision caused me to have a different sense of peace. People have a right to their own opinion and we have no right to dishonor them. We can share the truth but at the end of the day give them the decision to follow their own path. It may sound contradicting to hear someone following the truth and have no biases because some would interpret the truth as a personal bias but we must not forget that the truth is an absolute. It is not in the same axis as personal biases. The truth can never be bent. It can be hidden by some or disregarded but actions as such can never erase it as a fact even if it was forgotten. Going back to biases, all I can share is that living a life seeing all sides is not having no stand as some would suggest. It is standing for what is truly right; to go by the truth and making every constant effort to put things in the right perspective and then act on it.


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