And That Changes Everything (100th Write-up)

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April 3, 2015 by AJ Briones


Caricature by Johnny Hart.

It’s already 11:20PM here and it is nearing 12MN (April 4, 2015). The so-called Good Friday “celebration”, if you would allow me to call it, is about to come to an end welcoming “Sabado de Gloria” or Holy Saturday. Being a non-Catholic, I am able to view the Holy Week celebration here in the Philippines in so many perspectives. I see it in the way Christians see it, the way Catholics see it, the way non-Christians see it, the way Atheists see it, and so many more ways see it. Though, there has always been a picture of the Sabado de Gloria that has been running thru my head. A religious mind-set that is quite peculiar in my opinion. I can’t even classify it if it would be an old saying or something else.

For those of you who know me, you’d practically know that I have been exposed to horse racing (online-track-betting or OTB) 1/5 of my life. I’m no player or fan; nor do I approve of it. It actually sickens me. What’s peculiar about it is that from Maundy Thursday and Good Friday, they suspend horse races in reverence to the Holy Week that commemorates the crucifixion of Christ but then comes a Saturday of Rumspringa, a push towards infidelity of the earlier mentioned virtues. What do I simply mean? Saturday was a race day. I actually asked someone why it was as such and they did not wait until the end of the week to continue the races? The answer was dumbfounding. “Patay ang Diyos” or God (Christ) is Dead. The statement reminded me of a book I recently read written by Rice Broocks entitled GOD’S NOT DEAD. The thought though so simple was indeed powerful. It influences in such a way we see uproar of human nature.

A world in a day without Christ is truly scary. No more reason to live according to God’s will. In fact, the thought of know that there is a will of God would vanish from knowing. It is truly a sick world we live in that people no longer follow Christ and follow their ways believing that God is Dead. We, who believe in Christ, know that God is alive and kicking through our lives. He opens doors and makes a way for all of us. He is indeed the light of our way. A life believing whether Christy is alive or dead makes a huge change as to how we tolerate sin. As those OTB betters would view the implication of this, we as well must be well aware of its implication in sharing the Gospel to the world. People who have no knowing that Christ lives must come to see the beauty of life. There is a big difference to know that the one we believe in is alive. We live our live according to that belief and it’s life-changing to know that the one we believe in is not dead. I was actually looking for a video I was able to watch online to emphasize on my point but I can’t find it. Anyway, for my 100th blog post, the message is clear. GOD IS NOT DEAD and that changes everything.



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