Announcement: Love Launcher

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February 22, 2015 by AJ Briones

10854452_10153612645754867_772648008455330208_oI believe that most of my readers are aware that I used to be active in updating my other blog It’s actually a blog about love and relationship that I co-authored with my fiancée KC. I guess it has been quite some time since I have written something on that blog since I focused all of my writing energies at That blog was really close to my heart but I had to stop to focus on making ajplus better.

Anyway, this is to announce that I will be starting anew blog about love and relationships soon and I will be announcing it here on #ajplus. I believe that it is not hidden from my readers’ knowledge that my long-time love and I am getting married in a few months and as a part of that I would like to start a new love and relationships blog. This time I would be writing with a stronger level of credibility since I will be getting married. I hope that everyone would support that blog when we release it for public reading. I hope that it would help in sharing real-life applications to concerns of the heart for young people, people in relationship and even for those who are already married.

Love Launcher will be published in wordpress soon. Please wait patiently with us.


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