The Myth of Me

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February 16, 2015 by AJ Briones

Have you ever sat down in your room at a comfortable spot and simply closed your tumblr_mamrtny25A1rao9xvo1_250eyes? Have you ever smelled the air of the evening? Have you ever felt the calm of nothingness after the fullness of the day? Well, I haven’t; at least for this season. I have always prayed that God would promote me and put me into a place that would exceed what was expected of me by many people. I have always envisioned myself standing in front of everyone else one day and to tell them that I am now a different man from what they thought I would be. That thought became my driving force and so at this season, I became that which I hoped I would become. I am now a boss and I have transitioned from a non-boss leader to a persona of a “boss – I don’t know if I am a leader type.” Well, you’ll get what I mean.

From a lowly educator at a very small school to the world of business as a person who handles the training and development of 5 branches and a vast network of dealers around the Philippines. It was all a sudden and unbelievable shift in career; a shift that I so have hoped and believed in but now I am shocked to be in. To be in my position now is not easy. The stress levels never cease and the work never ends. People would never run out of expectations and desires from you. Being a man viewed as mature in the workplace has its perks but also has its downside. Being mature means being respected by everyone but at the same time being someone even the rank-and-file to middle management would come to for advice and venting. Such an activity requires putting on the hat of being understanding and knowledgeable with a dash of an unbiased mind-set; looking in to every angle of a situation. Well, I thought that would not be hard for me since I was an advocate of setting aside personal and social biases. I was a myth of my own; “The Myth of Me.”

What do I mean by this Myth of Me?

We all want to win the favor of everyone and that’s a truth we cannot deny even if we keep on trying to detest the thought. We all want to be viewed as someone reliable and open-minded. We all want to be liked. For this reason, we try to create a physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual image of ourselves projected towards others and even to ourselves and then we look at the mirror of our thoughts and say, this is me. We try to keep ourselves believing that and for us, that is a truth and not a lie. Well, the myth of me isn’t really about giving out a lie to ourselves about a persona we desire to be but more of living in the shoe of what we think we are. Something we don’t say what we want to be but what we actually think we are. I can’t consider this to be a dangerous thing since a lot have succeeded having this myth flowing into their system but also a lot has fallen short of the personal myth’s declared ideals and created expectations established to the public. What was once a personal reality has become a public reality. I hope you get what I mean when I say that.

tumblr_may951MGwO1ra3jlho1_1280What am I pointing at? Is it to relinquish ourselves from this Myth of Me or to expand it to grow as the illustration I keep on sharing on #ajplus about stretching ourselves to the limit in order to grow. Well, here’s what I think as I write this. BE READY. What we choose to believe and what we believe will always have consequences. Well, consequences aren’t always bad but all consequences demand commitment. It is a contract we are bound to and is of our own doing. It is a part of the imprint of the reality of who we are. Recently, I watched this movie INTO THE WOODS. It was a nice film that blended beautifully the story book tales of my childhood. There were no alterations to the original stories I heard as a child other than the ending. The ending was quite unexpected but was so obvious in the trailer. It’s quite fascinating and I guess it’s a good central message for this I am writing. BE CAREFUL OF WHAT YOU WISH FOR. What we choose to live as will always demand commitment. The question is, are we ready to live it out? Are we ready for the price of what we committed to?

Now I sit down on my bed as I write this. I try to close my eyes and think for a while as I feel existence through my senses cancelling what my eyes may see. Is this the price of the myth of me? This is a point of self-evaluation; especially when it comes to my career. The myth of me is such a fascinating realization with demands based on our decisions.

Think about your Myth of Me. Will you be ready for the price of choice? Will you be ready for the commitment you chose as truth? Again, think about it. The Myth of Me.


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