Contagious Hope & Why Do I Read Books?

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December 27, 2014 by AJ Briones

Why do I read books? Well, I guess I read books in order to open a new door into promo_bulletin_insert-page-0-copyreality. Yes, you read correctly; to open a new door into reality. Some of those quotations you would hear out there would say that we read books to open a door or a window to a new world we have never seen before but as for me and my journey into reading books, what I could say is that it opened new doors for me in understanding reality. I was no all-knowing man nor was I a man of great wisdom but the book s I was able to dive myself into helped me receive a refreshed picture of what is truly happening and what we can do or what I can hope to do.

Hope was an important thing that I learned and probably, I could say that it was the central message of whatever I read throughout the years. I guess, that’s where I got the tagline/hashtag #ContagiousHope. I always believed that hope was something we should run out of and we should be people who would spread it like a contagious element in society. Sadly, the world has become so used to sharing a different thing and that is a contagious disease called despair.

This is awkward. I actually intended this write-up to be something to share the reason why I invest, money, effort and time in reading books but it kind of transcended that and became a medium in sharing what I really have so much passion in, and that it people and bringing back hope into all of us. Corruption continues to live on not because of greed but because we allow it to, thinking that there is no hope for change. Dreams are lost because people’s hopes in the face of failures die down instead of pressing on. Futures are broken because those who strive in hope for it has gone to a halt. I HOPE that it would cease to be as such.

About February of this of year 2014, I wrote something entitled Dosage of Hope. It talked about not losing hope for when we do so, we lose all else. I guess I still stand by that belief. I can no longer be a hypocrite to say that there are no defeats for those who stand in what is right. Reality is, things don’t go our way at times and for that we cry out justice but we must not let go of hope. For hope gives us a grasp of belief in a future we are in faith for; a direction to push ourselves forward in order to continue on living life. Defeats are momentary for those who hope. That’s a truth I wish to believe. Taking in a dosage of this contagious hope moves people forward seeing every defeat as marker to a better future; never giving up, never letting go of a future worth believing.


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