Clandestine Insignificance

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December 6, 2014 by AJ Briones

mustard-seed-600x369I’d just like to share this quote I found I found on a book I was reading. It was actually quoted on a book of Francis Chan entitled Crazy Love. So this would be a 3rd generation quotation.


R.C. Sproul writes,

Men are never duly touched and impressed with a conviction of their insignificance, until they have contrasted themselves with the majesty of God.”

When was the last time you sat down and looked at the sky in awe of how majestic God is? That time when you are trapped in the presence of the wonder of how beautiful our God is. The feeling is surreal but liberating. I am no qualified man to share this. In fact, I believe that in the presence of God, I’ll be one of the first ones who would die immediately, but good or bad, “qualified” or not qualified, the truth of God being beyond all things is amazing. I am puny and God is so big yet as big as He is, He chose my puniness. It is kind of funny to think that all men at a time were in this self-made clandestine insignificance.


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