Intentional Living

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December 4, 2014 by AJ Briones

intentionalI have always been viewed as a person without a future. My contented spirit was usually misinterpreted as being too laid back. I was a man who had no dream; at least that’s what people thought of me. Well, I can’t blame them. People have eyes to see and mouths to speak. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion (though not entitled to offend others). I was not a good performer at school. I received failing grades and usually hanged by a thread to simply have a passing rate. I survived high school taking remedial classes to earn extra points. Even as I started as a part of the workforce, being contented with the love of being a help in raising young people to love God was viewed as dreamless. I guess it was something I can’t blame people to think about me. Well, I’m no perfect man and I am no achiever but one thing I knew back then, and that’s I had to be faithful. Faithful even when things don’t look so bright. I learned one thing. I had to work hard and work out my faith. Faith without deeds is dead. I have to give justice to my faith by living it out. That meant facing challenges and exceeding what I thought I was the limit of what I can do. I started stretching myself to the limit and pushing my mediocre living to a life I did not know I can live. I am living a challenged and difficult life. I chose this and I am ready to face it. I have already failed so many times and maybe failing isn’t something so foreign to me. I have been mistreated so many times that the sting isn’t a feeling so distant to my being. I’m not saying that I have become callous but what I am saying is that I have a commitment. I have a commitment to myself that I won’t give up and that I will push forward to be better even if that would mean I would have to face impossibility. Life is too beautiful for me to be complacent in my little world. Well, what I know is this, I have a future and I will fight for it. Yes, it’s assured in Christ but I will take hold of it and continue on living by stretching my boundaries. I will stretch my today to my tomorrow. At least I will have no regrets that I did not fight for what God had planned for me. I refuse to be mediocre in living life. I will live a contented life; pursuing challenges that will most definitely test my character. I will face breaking points and most definitely break at times but I will not give up. Yes,” the planet doesn’t need more successful people.” Dalai Lama was correct. He was also correct when he said that “The planet desperately needs more peacemakers, healers, restorer, storytellers and lovers of all kinds.” But think about it, aren’t peacemakers, healers, restorers, storytellers and lovers successful at their own trade as well? Quite a paradox, don’t you think so? Absurd as it may seem but life has meaning and as Viktor Frankl would say it, “man searches for that meaning.” All I know is that we can’t find the meaning by just sitting and doing nothing. A door will open if we push or pull it open; or stand on the automation sensor (for modern doors). All of which are intentional. Live life, live it intentionally.


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