Dosage of Hardwork (Changing the world 1-40 persons at a time)

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March 28, 2014 by AJ Briones

Introducing myself to our Pharmacist and Pharmacy Assistant friends at The Generics Pharmacy.

Introducing myself to our friends from The Generics Pharmacy (TGP-DGPI).

It has been a while since that day I decided to shift from the academe and enter the business world. From a teacher, I am now a business professional; though I can say that in my present career I haven’t really gone too remotely. As some of you may know, I am currently a training and development professional providing my services to a cooperative here in the Philippines that send me to major businesses around the country. The scope from a small 30 seater classroom has become the whole of the Greater Manila Area as a Trainer.

The challenge of a tiny room handling children has become room of professionals differing in positions, social status, points-of-view, attitudes, maturity and religions. Thinking that the school set-up would have no comparison in difficult was indeed a fallacy since training people isn’t really just like a walk in the park.

So how did I end up in this position? The answer can be brought about by recalling a book I read. It was “Do Hard Things.” It is a book designed for teenagers that they may realize that they are called to do greater things (I highly encourage this to the children of my readers). Though I have already passed my teenage years I have come up with the thought that nothing is too late for me. Motivated by a quotation from my favorite personality, the Blink Cook Christine Ha, “You don’t go out of your comfort zone; you stretch it until hard things become easier.” Obviously, I paraphrased. I have come up with a personal challenge from myself and that is to stretch myself to the limit and beat the expectation of others of me and most of all beat my own expectations about myself. I knew I had to intentionally give myself a hard time until what was a hard time for me becomes an easy time. After which, I leap towards the next level.

As a personal testimony, it worked. Working hard does pay off but it comes with a reminder. Working hard always works hand-in-hand with wisdom and integrity. Those 3 together comes a very, very, very long way. Believe me.

At present, I am a Training and Development professional and I know with what I am doing, I am changing the world 1 to 40 persons at a time.


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