Blooper Day

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January 20, 2014 by AJ Briones

After meeting up with our friends in the ministry at Robinsons Metro East, my girlfriend and I decided to go to Cubao, Quezon City to have my phone brought to a service center and have my time pieces fixed. While approaching Gateway Mall, as we walked through a constructed temporary walkway, we happened to pass by a lot of people running. As I saw them I was irritated thinking that in a public place why are they playing around at their age. As half of the running group passed me I suddenly saw a guard running after and I realized that a number of those running were thieves. So there I was, I decided to become a hero and raised my right arm them smashed my arms against one of the running guys’ arm then he was shocked and looked at me in panic. I suddenly heard the guard shouting in Filipino. “Hindi yan! Yung isang tumatakbo!” I realized that the one I stopped was one of the citizen apprehenders trying to catch up with the “snatcher” – a Filipino term for street swiping thief.” Well, that was a first. A blooper. Good intentions to help but I messed up.

Lesson learned: Be more observant and if ever one day I’m going to join people running after a snatcher, I won’t laugh around doing it. Someone might think I’m an accomplice or something. Another thing, in situations like that, don’t be a hero when you’re not sure. Like me, you might worsen the situation.

Actually, while walking, my girlfriend and I happened to pass by the two victims. It was a man in his late 50’s and his probably 10 year old son. They were carrying lots of stuff. I hope that they we able to apprehend the thief.


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