The Heart #11: Warrior’s Pride

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December 28, 2013 by AJ Briones

Now we have arrived to the final segment of #TheHeart #Blog #Series here at The Heart - Warrior's Pride#ajplus. I hope that all of you have discovered something that you can incorporate in your lives. As a writer, I am deeply in gratitude for the time and effort you guys spent in reading my post. Don’t worry; the next time I would write a blog series it would be a lot shorter.

This is the 11th and final segment of #TheHeart blog series; WARRIOR’S PRIDE. Like most of artists out there I have to say save the best for last; best in the context that I love the topic. Having a Warrior’s Pride is quite an interesting yet so difficult thing to talk about.

Growing up, though studying in both secular and “Christian” schools, the topic of pride has never been changed. I grew up with mind-set that pride was purely self-seeking. I could remember my literature professor back then making jokes when he would talk about a literary character that the character had “pride chicken.” I know it’s not funny but that’s how he would again and again say it. Pride has become something viewed as negative at least in my own social sphere, that’s why it became such a perplexing topic for me read in the list of virtues a heart must possess. How can a man have a true heart if we incorporate such a value as pride?

Looking deeper as I would usually do, I looked up the definition of the word pride and it made me wake up to the truth that I grew up with a sincerely wrong perception of what it means to be a man who has pride. Well, I’d define that later.

Since I left my previous work, something changed in me. My view of life transformed and started to have a new appreciation of things. Even the approach I had in facing challenges changed. Honestly, that change did great for me. That was DOING HARD THINGS. It was a belief system I learned from the book of Alex and Brett Harris; two young people talking about how teenagers should stand and make a difference. Okay, I’m no teenager but parts of me needed that wake-up call. I was complacent and had no drive to be more accomplished. Position did not matter for me and all I wanted was to serve people but that was not enough. Don’t get me wrong, serving people is a must do, especially if we follow Jesus but we should also advance ourselves and squeeze out every potential we have in us. With that understanding, I started involving in different things. I took a job that involved lots of reading and studying. I became a trainer who studied, created and delivered trainings averaging to 15-20 people 2 times a week. I had to travel a lot which was another of my weaknesses as a person who has poor sense of direction. Applying that, I started a blog series, specifically, writing The Heart Blog Series. It was difficult for me to write planned posts. I was kind of the free writer but it’s an awesome thought that this is the final installment of it. The past year I involved myself in Kids Ministry. I loved kids but never really knew how to handle them. I started to understand what the Harris brothers said and I paraphrase; “You don’t really go out of your comfort zones, you expand it through doing hard things.” That meaning gave all sense there is when it comes to having a warrior’s pride.

As a noun Pride is defined as a feeling or deep pleasure or satisfaction derived from one’s own achievements. Ring a bell? A Warrior’s Pride. The Pride of Hard Work. Have you ever done something so hard that you felt like giving up? Well, I could. During my 9th grade I involved myself in the Citizenship Advancement Training. It was basic military training for students that was required at that time by the Department of Education here in the Philippines. 200 push ups in the morning and 200 push ups in the afternoon, 300 Squat Ups in the morning and another 300 in the afternoon; Standing up in the blazing sun for 1-2 hours in the morning and another 2 in the afternoon; bad mouthing of the officers and I was even brought to the school infirmary for having a vision blackout then passing out. Those were the things I had to endure for a year and I wanted to give up. The continuous taunting was a challenge. Guess what, I didn’t give in to the temptation of saying, “I quit.” I held on and the end line was unbelievable. I was rewarded with the rank of Colonel. That was the highest rank a student could have and the feeling was surreal. It was the 1st time in my entire life that I actually worked hard for something and was rewarded for it. It was an amazing feeling. It was quite an unbelievable feeling. After experiencing extreme training, I finally accomplish all the required merits to be an officer.

Hard Work Does Pay Off

Yeah grace is there but it should never be an excuse to be mediocre and not work hard. That’s a warrior’s pride. Working hard to the fullest of one’s abilities and potential until victory is achieved. Here’s a final message. Fight on. Work Hard. Dream Big. Aim High. You may fall but you will stand up stronger and better.

As an ending to the whole THE HEART blog series, thank you for reading and I hope that all of us would continuously have the heart. It is something continuous that we must strive on. Never give up. Fight on.


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