The Heart: Blog Series

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December 28, 2013 by AJ Briones

The Heart - Blog Series

Thank you for making time to read all of The Heart Virtues we’ve been talking about the past few months. Here are the quick links to the series if you wish to revisit each topic once again:

#1: Unrelenting Guts
#2: Confronting Courage
#3: Bottomless Kindness
#4: Absolute Faith
#5: Ice-solid Composure
#6: Omnipotent Mind’s Eye
#7: Forgiving Strength
#8: Empathetic Tears
#9: Boundless Dreams
#10: Unwavering Confidence
#11: Warrior’s Pride

I hope that we all had something to take home from these write-ups. Once again, let’s all have the right heart.

NOTE: All of the cover titles were taken from Inazuma Eleven. Yes, the cartoon.


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