The Heart #10: Unwavering Confidence

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December 26, 2013 by AJ Briones

Has anyone ever failed you? Has anyone ever betrayed your trust? Has anyone ever Unwavering Confidencefailed the expectations you have set for him/her? Well, such questions are deeply rooted within the topic of confidence. What is confidence? Well, as Webster would define it: Confidence is a feeling or consciousness of one’s powers or of reliance on one’s circumstances. That’s an interesting thought, one’s powers. What do we actually mean when we say one’s powers? Are we saying that when it comes to unwavering confidence, we say that it is self-reliant and does not need other people?

I could remember this instance when I was still doing technical stage management at a school I used to teach in. I led a group of high school students as an adviser as they did varies activities and roles during special events such as school concerts and on-stage activities. I specifically had two students whom I know their skills; Robert and Janric. Robert was my sound system operations guy and Janric was my projection communications guy or simply the guy who operates the computer. Among all of the young people I handle, I took much pride in their skills. They were the best at the fields they were entrusted to. I could leave the two of them with simple instruction and they would deliver effectively. In my eyes as a adviser, the both of them were reliable. I trusted the two high school students. So, what was different about the two as to why I can leave such important matters to them? I had confidence in the two.

Robert was trained by skilled individuals in the arts of managing sounds. He was an expert sound management specialist in the making. The ears of Robert were made sensitive to different sounds and what was good about it was that he was also trained to create remedies to sound deficiencies; treble, bass, gain, reverb, etc. I trusted him with the role because of such skills applied in his work as a masterpiece.

Janric was trained by me personally. Janric was one of those DotA playing high school students. Well, if you don’t know what DotA is: DotA is a role player game outburst of the popularization of the computer strategy game Warcraft. Janric was one of those kids who would wait intently for school to finish in order to play computer with friends. In such an effort to learn gaming he became well-versed with the computer keyboard and had exquisite typing skills.  He had potential. I saw his skills and when there was an opportunity asked him to join my team. I taught him all I knew when it comes to operations, even my personal metronome pulse prompting. I trusted Janric because I saw him as an extension of me in technique and reaction.

The two young people I trusted because a part of how they operated in their functions, I saw them having capabilities. Yes, they had capabilities but this never assured that they would never have any screw-ups. Time-By-Time, the two would have screw-ups; some small and some big. I would usually shout at the two in a form of a technical support professional manner. They will get hurt but as professionals as they were trained, a smile would go after the tension. They would correct themselves and do everything with their utmost abilities. They were true experts and true professionals.

Now, as we come back to the topic of having an Unwavering Confidence, I as a writer would like to look at the two and my personal view of them. Given their mistakes and accomplishments, I would gladly choose to work with the two. Yes, they will have screw-ups but they are people I can depend on. People I can actually trust with the role I was supposed to do.

Unwavering is term that we don’t usually use here in the Philippines when it comes to speaking in the English communication; well, at least in my circle of interactions. It is defined as steady or resolute. When we say resolute it pertains to something that is never changing. Having an Unwavering Confidence means to have an unchanging trust with people if we would analyze it; in spite of any mistakes and worse, it is unchanging.

The abstract concept of what it means to trust can never be broken but at times shattered by circumstances; probably, this is the reason having an Unwavering Confidence is such a difficult thing to accomplish. Humans make mistakes and that’s a big part of who we are. Janric and Robert have failed me many times and there were difficult times when I just wanted to take over the work and order them to simply walk away and let me handle things on my own to my own perception of perfection but I simply can’t. Just like any other important heart value, to have an unwavering confidence with someone is a decision to make. It is easy to let go of entrusting when  we are hurt, angry, confused and are desiring for a level of satisfaction but to hold on to trust people is awfully a big step to take. Difficulty is never impossibility. The question is; are we willing to take the leap? Are we willing to risk in order to trust other people? Are we willing to let go of the sting of defeat and move forward with others? In claiming an Unwavering Confidence in people, be sure to accept the reality that people will fail us or that there will be times when we would feel people are failing us.

Unwavering Confidence acknowledges the work in progress, working together to create better outcomes.


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