The Heart #09: Boundless Dreams

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December 24, 2013 by AJ Briones

Today is December 24th and it is the eve of Christmas. It is quite timely for me to write Boundless Dreamsthe 9th segment of the Heart blog series that I have been working on with your help (my readers) for the past few months. Why? You may ask. Well, Christmas has always been a season where lots of people have high expectations and hopes for Christmas is a time and a season where people believe that dreams do come true.

Well, to have dreams is awesome but that knowledge can never remove the fact that sometimes, dreams don’t come true. Or maybe, I am wrong. It isn’t the fact that dreams don’t come true but that people just stop dreaming; being trapped in the thought that there is an ending to what people can dream of.

Do dreams have ending? I myself have been carrying the same question. You all may have been aware that I have had dreams I have been hoping to come true for so long but circumstances changed that made me come into the decision of letting go of the dream. For that, I am disqualified as someone who could share about having dreams that go on.

There was this writer that said that “You can go as far as your dreams can take you.” Apply that in the premise, it provides a window to the idea that dreams are dependent on the dreamer. We dream and we decide as to how long will we carry such a dream.

Dreams are boundless but only as boundless as we allow them to be. Dreams are no passes to reach the future we all have desired rather something that we fight for. It is a goal that each of us must strive for that in the face of unbelievable trial, we decide to hold on or simply let go. Dreams are boundless but dreamers are never numb. Reality will always have pitfalls, struggles and trials. The beauty of victory can only be satisfied when a dreamer decides to keep a dream boundless. The only ending to a boundless dream is the attainment of victory through a constant decision to believe in victory, a victory that brings joy, a never-ending joy; thus the cycle of boundlessness continues on.


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