My Thoughts on the Holiday: Halloween As They Call It!

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November 2, 2013 by AJ Briones

My thoughts concerning Halloween… As they call it…

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I thank God that I am a Filipino; especially during Halloween. This is for the reason that we have been accustomed to celebrate All-Saints Day instead. Given its context that it is a time to remember what good things taught to us and memories shared to us by the departed; not because of fear of the spirit world. It is kind of sad that this view has been eaten up inch-by-inch as modernism grows in the Philippines; where people are actually celebrating Halloween in such a manner that is risky  (please see the links I have included at the bottom). Again, it is what I choose to believe that is based on what I know that is sound according to the Bible.

Making our Children wear costumes regardless if it is a Superman costume or the depiction of a devilish creature is as I believe something that should not be done. As a follower of Christ, we celebrate one death alone and that is the redeeming death, the payment of our whole sinful humanity; the death of Christ who was raised again on the 3rd day providing salvation for all those who accepted him in their hearts as Lord and Saviour.

Yes, I give you the license to call me a kill joy individual. Call me a hypocrite or religious if you would like but I refuse to allow myself to be a man who calls for the evil spirit world and will not want to promote that to my student and future children.

You may throw it back at me. “You celebrate All-Saints day! That’s the same as we do!” Probably, as you view it but in a personal level, I celebrate it always. The memories, good and bad, I carry them to be a better person each day. November 1 or October 31, it won’t be an issue if I go and visit graves. It won’t even matter other than the fact that I am complying to honor the family’s name and tradition. I might visit to help and clean the surroundings of the grave or at least sit down and have quality time to talk with relatives as it has been in the culture of the Filipino people. For the sake of reunion but I reject any form of evil spirit stuff people believe the holiday for. Again, I celebrate only a single death, a death the lasted a short time and rose again for me to have eternal life with Him. Jesus.

Again, memories and lessons weigh more than a day. I hold on to that.

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