The Heart #05: Ice-Solid Composure


August 20, 2013 by AJ Briones

Image and video hosting by TinyPicNow, that’s an interesting topic to talk about. It took me ages to write and continue my The Heart Series. We’ll be talking about Ice-Solid Composure. I totally have no idea what that means. What does it mean when you say Ice-Solid Composure? Quite perplexing don’t you think so?

When you something is Ice-Solid it basically means hard but at the same time denotes an original state which is liquid or in fluidity. Water is something so interesting to talk about since it is something that washes, cleans and gives life, yet in this rainy season such as the Ondoy (Typhoon), Monsoon and Maring (Typhoon), it can caused much pain and suffering. What a big irony considering the fact that it brings life but also takes away. To not stray away from the topic we are supposed to talk about, water changes at a temperature into something that is solid which is ice. Ice is slippery, hard, yet so fragile. Drop it, you might break it. We all know it one reading what Ice-solid composure means. It means unbreakable composure but why Ice? The thing is so fragile. Then it struck me: one thing that I saw what that it kept on maintaining a state. Freeze dirty brownish you get brownish ice. Freeze orange juice and you’d find yourself with orange ice-candy. It takes up a sustaining form that needs maintaining through a freezer. Let’s get back to that discussion later.

When we talk about Composure, we are actually referring to the state or feeling of being calm and in control of oneself – something that I am actually having a hard time with lately. I have to admit. It is hard to have something like that: to be calm, to be in control, such struggle requiring activities. In fact, the term struggle at most times can be considered as something with the lack of calm itself. It was liquid.

Composure is hard to manage as water. Water takes up the shape of whatever container you place it. Transfer it to another container and you find it forming another shape, unless of course you place it in an identical container. And the simplest way to transfer it in order to have no change in shape is through what? You got it! Through freezing. It works the same way in terms of our composure. Our composure changes based on situations like containers. The way we use control differs as to what experiences we face and sometimes, the quality of who are is affected by it. Put clear water in a dirty container and you get dirty water, put a man’s composure in a stretching situation and frustrate him, you’ll see him undrinkable or unacceptable for some. What to do? Have Ice-Solid Composure. Put ice in a container and it won’t change shape. Whatever container it may be, the ice would cease to follow the shape of the container. Put a man in a situation that he does not like, with ice-solid composure, it won’t make him get affected.  Though we must not forget this, Ice is Ice and it will be fragile. Again, drop it, you break it. What does that mean? We maintain it. Leave it in a hot place, it melts. Composure demands wisdom. Why place yourself in a threatening situation that you know you’ll eventually break? Ice-Solid Composure demands wisdom and you exhibit it, let have it and use it wisely because the way we control ourselves is like the weather. It may bring life to many and may also be like Ondoy, Monsoon and Maring; causing pain and suffering for many. What we do matters so let’s not take it for granted.

Have a heart with Ice-Solid Composure guided by wisdom. You’re a lifeline in the time of storms; you’re not the storm itself.


2 thoughts on “The Heart #05: Ice-Solid Composure

  1. gulafmendoza says:

    Ice solid composure… it’s hard to keep ice solid composure because we will be put in freakingly hot situations whether we like it or not. Even if we choose to stay in place where we will not lose our composure, sometimes, we are forced to situations that we don’t like. But then again, there is wisdom… not just to keep us from hot situations but also to keep us ice solid if we end up in an oven 🙂

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