The Heart #04: Absolute Faith

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June 12, 2013 by AJ Briones

To declare something as absolute, according to Merrian-Webster is to be free from imperfection and that would be a Image and video hosting by TinyPicpredicament from me as a writer since I am about to discuss a faith which is absolute; a perfect faith.

Making another dip upon my search, I decided to view faith. What is faith? In the dictionary, it mentions that if one fidelity to one’s promise or loyalty to a supreme being such as God. It was another dead end for me as a writer, because once again, fidelity to promises was something I failed to receive. People again-and-again have failed their promises to me. It isn’t really that much of a pitiful or melancholic sight. For me it was nothing. I have become. Promises not fulfilled in some sort of way have already made me kind of numb or apathetic about people keeping promises.

It was hard to believe that there on this earth we step on, to find a man who could possess a perfect fidelity to the promises of God. The fact that we all sway from our beliefs prove that. We all lie. We all cheat. We all have a spot in our hearts that make us unqualified for absoluteness. So, what am I saying? Am I implying that having an absolute faith is impossible? Sincerely, I don’t think so.

Reality is that we all have flaws; probably a great list of what we have done and what we could possibly do in a matter of time. Those things are part of who we are because we all lack faith and fall short. I love watching films with a scene of blacksmiths pounding on a sheet of metal until it becomes into a fine piece of material. Faith, absolute faith would cease to be absolute unless we face trials and do mistakes, because perfection in refined. Your questions may be, if we continuously become flawed, then the actuality of being absolute in perfection would not come to reality. That’s the point, absolute faith believes even if the odds are against it. That’s faith, believing in a future that we cannot see yet, knowing that there is truth beyond reality. Reality is part of the present but truth is the vessel of hope. The Book of Philippians noted that we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us and that’s what I wish to believe and that defines my faith. That makes if absolute. That makes it perfect. The process is what makes it absolutely faithful. So whenever you fail and things seem like hopeless, that is when you have to hold on and continue on striding. Failure does not mean an ending but a new chance to believe in the greater things to come.


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