The Heart #03: Bottomless Kindness

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April 5, 2013 by AJ Briones

It has been quite a while since I have written something and shared some of my views to you guys my readers. Probably, this is because of the topic that I am supposed to share about; kindness. The topics appears so hard to talk about, much more that the truth is that I am not actually going to talk about kindness but the deeper one which is Bottomless Kindness. So, as you read this, I ask for your prayers that God would speak through me in sharing such a kindness.

In life, I have always had one philosophy and though difficult, I make sure that I follow it; and that is to respect everyone. What I mean is that regardless of who the person is, what past he had, what future is he said to have, what goodness or darkness an individual has inside of him/herself, no matter what feelings I have towards a person, every single person regardless of any differences deserve respect. Why? Because respect contrary to what most people believe isn’t earned, it is given regardless. It is not like trust that is earned. It is a demeanour that all of us must exhibit towards other people. That is the very foundation of kindness for it to be bottomless.

I wish no longer to expound on this thought because to have bottomless kindness is not a task but a choice for us to wear. To be kind is one thing but to make it bottomless is a big choice we have to face. It is going to the next level and loving people as I believe Jesus did. I can never tell I have a heart that can do so but what I know is that I want to dig deeper within me until I reach bottomlessness in my kindness towards other people.


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