The Heart #02: Confronting Courage

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February 1, 2013 by AJ Briones

Have you ever watched a shaolin film or a film that involved martial arts? I believe some of you, like me have seen a scene of a bald guy sitting Image and video hosting by TinyPicat the bottom of a waterfall concentrating and not moving as the strong waters fall on his whole body. Have you ever tried swimming by the beach and facing the roaring waves? Difficult isn’t it? Fighting the flow of a powerful river? Hard isn’t it? There are few who can do it, a few that can’t, and few who can but just don’t try it at all.  You may be wondering, what do those pictures have to do with Confronting Courage and I can tell you frankly that those pictures are wonderful analogies to what it means to have Confronting Courage.

When we would say confront, it would most probably mean that there is an actual motion which is to move towards. Connected to courage, that would present that Confronting Courage would be courage that moves toward or forward. Forward isn’t backward and it can never be at the same situation. What do I mean? ACTIVE COURAGE. It is different when we say that we are courageous and acting it out. Courage involves fight or flight. It involves doing something too big for us to handle coupled with an option of doing what is convenient for us. It is difficult because our biggest enemy when it comes to confronting courage is our very own nature. What will you do? Something you are sure you can do or something you know you’ll be risking something for? Better is you know that there is a reward for you, but what if you see that others will receive the reward instead of you? Are you willing to fight for that and actually act on it? That’s CONFORNTING COURAGE: Courage ready to face anything whatever the cost, prize or situation.

Confronting Courage isn’t foolish. You have to know what you are fighting for and not just barge in on something difficult. There has to be a purpose. There has to be sense. Remember my analogy earlier? Shaolin Warrior does that in order to get stronger and reach a different level of who they are in endurance. Believe me, try confronting difficult things and you will increase your comfort zone. What was difficult will be easy and will welcome a new chance for you to conquer the next level of challenges. Doing the right thing even if the odds against you is so great will help you have a strong footing at your ground and personal convictions. Face each challenge, not fearless but with fear and ready to face it EVEN IF.


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