A Dream 7 Years in the Making


January 13, 2013 by AJ Briones

NOTE: This was a write-up I dug up from my files. I think I wrote this on my Multply Social network Website back then.

I just woke up from a dream. It was a nightmare but I wasn’t afraid. It was a dream connected to my past dreams; dreams that I have dream about years ago (from the day I became a Christian). The dream was in a way scary and was filled with the concept of survival and saving many. Four dreams concerning it had passed and I would like to share it with my blog readers. Note: This may sound like Resident Evil but when I first had this dream I was not that much aware of the game. I arranged the dreams in order to make a story. It was arranged per dream and not per detail of the story.

There was this day when the people woke up and realized that there were others who had suddenly changed. Some people were not like who they were and in some sort of way became flesh eaters. People were so afraid so they made a way to save all those who are not yet infected with the unknown disease. Saving the people who were not infected was the only present possible way of saving those who are still living.

The government planned to make reserves or places called sanctuaries for people to be saved. It was a walled place where there are places to plant food and raise animals in order to live but in a few months time there was a need to transfer and so there was a plan to create a new sanctuary miles away from the present sanctuary. It was a need because they needed to accommodate the other people from the cities who are newly evacuating from the unknown diseases spread.

Sanctuary two was made and in my dream I was with some friends. Ricky Maddatu (a friend in Church) stood up as one of the leaders along with me and Jonathan Macabasco (a good high school friend). We all planned to lead the people out of the old sanctuary to the new one. The military was helping us for support. Hundreds of Military Transport Vehicles (MTV) were there to help us in the transfer of people.

Meanwhile, a woman and her husband was preparing in their home which was a laboratory. The woman claims that she can find the root of the problem since her husband (who was with her) had a connection with a project that may have caused the appearance of the undead the walk the streets (they are increasing in number). The couple got their weapons ready for their protecting along with their vehicle. They left as soon as possible.

In the transfer of the people to the second sanctuary, we made use of giant buses that brought every age of men and women. Each buses traveled and was escorted by a military transport vehicle carrying a number of soldiers. The transfer to the new sanctuary was possible and a number of people was safe in it. The military did their job in protecting the people. The MTVs they were using became a good way in protecting the people to get in the new sanctuary along with the transport buses.I was now inside the new sanctuary awaiting the arrival of the people. I was with Carlo Ledezma (a youth from VCF Metro East) and the both of us talked about what we will do.

The transfer was possible and the people were given a chance to have their place in the new sanctuary except from few. The last ones who were left slept in the transport buses. A few days had passed and there was no news that was received from the old sanctuary. It was all like that until one night a gigantic light in the sky appeared. All the people went out to see it. It was a bomb. A missile flew in the sky directed to the old sanctuary and blew it up. There came news that the undead had already taken the place killing a lot of people. The undead were now increasing in number.

Jonathan and I were aware of all the things t hat were happening and were aware of what was happening. Behind the walls of the new sanctuary were the undead accumulating themselves in order to barge in the new sanctuary. Ricky and some others made a plan to use the old train subway (weird noh? train subway? sa Pilipinas? LRT Station Katipunana lang kaya ang ganun na puwede) as apath to a new place where people can hide. It was an unreachable place where the people can be safe. Ricky and the some other udg their way to the tunnel and ran as fast as they could in order to come back with news if they were going to be safe if they went through the place. Carlo and I went back to the buses for the reason that I plan to show him the design the future sanctuaries that were to be built for the safety of the people. Coming near to the bus I wondered why the people were walking so rapidly away from the area and I saw some of the undead managed to get in the sanctuary. I was shocked.

Dream Cut . . .

Continuation Dream . . .

The setting was in my former high school FAITH CHRISTIAN SCHOOL (FCS). The undead have overtaken the city and I was a part of those left. Egie (a youth from UCCP) was one of those alive with me. Other than us was Jonathan and Mikee Yu (female youth from EAST). We were all running and the only place that was safe was FCS. Mikee and Jonathan were with me in the 4th floor of the High School Department. We hid there thinking that inside the village the undead would not take our scent. It was all like that when the undead broke in and we hid in the room seeing the shadows of the undead walking through the hallway. We were hidden by the stainned jalowsees of the classroom we hid in. After it all we made a run for it towards a place in Kaularan, Karangalan Village. We ran to the fenced area where the pipes are near. Mikee suddenly disappeared and one of us said “Nasa Ligaya ata”. It was weird because Ligaya was far place from the place we are in.

Dream Cut . . .

Continuation Dream . . .

It was a war against the undead. We were all fighting with weapons. We fought behind the sand bags that became the division which was the large space. The sand bag wall was about twelve feet and on the other side was the attacking undead. Above the sand bags were soldeirs and some others firing guns against the undead while on the ground of our side were three sets of bands playing Christian Music; Christian Bands to be more exact.

That was the end of all the dreams that I have been experiencing for the past seven years. They appear to be connected and I am still waiting for the missing parts of this adventure of a dream. I know there will be an ending and it would be great. I know a savior would come in the dream.


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  1. Hi mates, its great paragraph regarding educationand entirely explained, keep it
    up all the time.

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