Greetings for the Coming Year

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December 31, 2012 by AJ Briones

In good and bad times love people. Genuinely love people. Never stop believing in the love you feel for people. I guess that’s the story that this year taught me. Being a hard person and emotionless at times made me become so callous of what it meant to be human. Though I had emotions, I loved rationalizing things but the past year gave me a piece of its own mind. It became a roller coaster ride for me. Things were happening so fast and things happened the way I did not expect but it taught me a lesson to still believe in what is good and still believe that loving people is boundless, it is endless.

For this year about to end and the coming new year, in my greetings I urge everyone to never stop loving and believing in people. Love genuinely and love immortally. Believe in the good and make a choice to love without category. Just love. Just believe in their dreams. Believe in their fairy tales. Believe in their happy endings. Believe in their happily ever afters.



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