December 30, 2012 by AJ Briones

Image and video hosting by TinyPicMinistry is something that I have been doing for a very long time, maybe even longer than my actual relationship with Jesus Christ. Serving in the body of Christ was something I took delight in and something that I really loved doing. One most memorable for me was becoming a part of the Audio-Visual Communications Ministry that was later called Technical and Production Ministry. I really loved what I did there, probably that was the reason why I accepted running the whole ministry for more or less three years. Handling people and giving direct support to the pastors was really a great experience for me but as I have mentioned, I stayed for more or less three years. After experiencing many trials in my life at a season, I decided to take a rest and leave the ministry. I time-by-time make an appearance to work on the pastors’ PowerPoints but most of the time I just oversaw the team until totally I was able to make an exit thanks to the help of a friend of mine who became a staff of the Church and took over the team.

If you would notice my track record in doing ministry, it is so evident that my exposure usually lasts that long and my list of ministry involvement has become so varied. Sound System, Dance Ministry, Music Ministry, Technical Support, Creative Ministry and then Kids Ministry; those were the involvements I had and mostly done with a span of three years. Believe me, leaving the ministries I have been were not planned or scheduled. I didn’t decide to stay for one certain duration of time but it was the seasons I had to be there. I had to move on.

You may be thinking that I have become so twisted but it really isn’t like that. It is something deeper for me than that. The attachment to the ministry and the people was great and experiences that I will not ask God to change but I had to uphold one big rule and belief. THERE WILL ALWAYS BE A NEXT GENERATION. I had to remember that there were people before me and there will be people after me. You may be thinking I am rooting up to a thought that “There is no one indispensible,” but I certainly believe otherwise. I believe that people are dispensable and indispensible in a very certain way. The contributions one make cannot be done by others for a contribution required ownership and that is the indispensability that a person possesses. A person is therefore dispensable because of the fact that one needs to pass the baton and there are limitations to one skills; that another person’s indispensible contribution is important to be laid down so that at a time side-by-side with my contribution, the contribution of others may become a part of the larger picture.

Every time I feel that I am needed and that the ministry cannot stand without me, I start to believe that I must leave already. It isn’t about me keeping the team alive but is about God moving through the team. I guess I left a number of my teams because of that. I was valuable but I am not the life of something; God is. THERE WILL ALWAYS BE A PERSON AFTER ME AND I WILL GLADLY PASS ON MY PASSION OF SERVING TO THAT PERSON. I know that regardless of how long my stay in the ministry was, eventually, I will step down and look at the person after me with a voice saying YOU ARE BETTER THAN ME AND YOU HAVE MUCH MORE GREATER THINGS TO ACCOMPLISH AFTER ME.

So, will I ever be insecure of the person after me? It would totally be a lie if I would say no. One day, one time, maybe I’d say I can do better than that or say I should be the one doing that, but again it isn’t about me. Hogging my place doesn’t make me a greater leader but merely a man who hogs the glories of the present, not ready to accept the glories of the future.



One thought on “Short-Lived

  1. Jonathan Gatdula Jr. says:

    Great post. A reminder that as we serve in the body of Christ, we are to pass on the passion and equip men who will do greater things for the Lord.

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