Faith – Young Min Kim Film

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September 27, 2012 by AJ Briones

This has always been one of my favorite stories that I heard as a young person who believed in God. I hope that as you watch it we would find meaning about who God is in our lives and have an answer to some of the questions we at times have a hard time to answer. I hope you like the video.

John Choi wakes up from an unsettling dream in which his professor has put his faith to the test. Every year, his professor tests his students with simple, but absurd, trick of dropping a lightbulb to rove their faith was futile. However, this time things are different when John and his fellow students stand for their faith despite the professor’s constant push. The students counteract every last argument the professor brings up. The ignorant walls of the professor’s belief shatters with the miracle at the end of the film. Three young students, John, Summer, and Becky stand up for their faith to prove their belief.

Nominee for the Pan Pacific FIlm Festival 4th (Best Short Film)

YMK Entertainment

Directed by Young-Min Kim
Written by Paul Lee & Young-Min Kim
Music by FreePlayMusic
Running TIme : 11:36
Genre : Narrative
Language : English, USA

Premiered at the AT&T Center in Downtown, Los Angeles on October 29, 2011


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