Remedy to Insomnia

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September 20, 2012 by AJ Briones

I have been suffering something like insomnia. I can’t really call it insomnia because there was no actually finding from a specialist that I had insomnia (probably because I did not even bother to visit a doctor). This condition I have may be a sleeping schedule shift, unmanaged sleep length or maybe real insomnia. I just want to keep myself believing that it may be one of the three and do not want to go into the realization of which among the three do I really have. For quite some time now and I have been practicing a few techniques in order to aid me in this situation. Here’s my conversation with the younger sister KC and my advice to her.

May mga times lang talaga na ganyan. I taught your ate a Psych remedy for that. Natutunan ko yan sa Professor ko sa Psychotherapy. I use it and effective naman.


The idea is, pag may insomnia ka, your mind keeps on processing. Aantukin ka pero di ka makakatulog dahil stressor lang yung antok and the mind still works in a multi-phase manner. The trick is that kahit di ka makatulog, you need to rest even a small percent of your physicality para maging okay ka pa din. Kahit di ka makatulog just close your eyes. The point is mapahinga eyes mo. makakatulong yun


Once you have gotten the concept of resting your eyes, pasok tayo ng theory. Meron tayong tinatawag na mental shutdown state. Parang Automatic Turn Off ng Physical body. Parang mga Solar Calculator. How do you do it? Step 1 says you have to rest your eyes but in step two, you have to do step 1 ng tuloy tuloy. Never open your eyes kahit kaonti. kahit sandali or small gaze for light. Keep your eyes in teh dark of your eyelids. Count to 100… after 100 to 200… after 200 to 300… Reason? To make sure. Theory has it, closing your eyes for 30 seconds without opening it will cue the body to a shutdown mode or sleep mode. Kaya lang sinabi na 100 or increasing dahil sa human tolerance. People vary. Focus on counting, not into the darkness.

NOTE: The counting may lead to one discomfort which is conscious dreams. There are 2 kinds. Conscious and unconscious dreams. Conscious are remembered dreams. When you wake up, you’ll remember them vividly or they would stay in your mind for a maximum of 30 seconds then you’ll totally forget the dream. The 2nd is the subconscious… It is the total forgetfulness of what was in the dream world. Yung pakiramdam na wala kang panaginip pag-gising mo. Maganda yun dahil ibigsabihin nakapahinga talaga mind mo and less and mental processing… or zero REM.

Try mo. Gumagana yan. Yan sikreto ng ate mo kaya mantika matulog. hehehe! 🙂

I hope this post of mine can help my readers who are in the same situation as I am. We can beat the insomnia spirit. Oo nga pala. One big help against insomnia? Pray about it. That’s the most important common sense step. hehehe! 🙂

Note: Please do pardon me for this post if I unknowingly interchange theory and study. Informal conversation sa facebook kasi pinanggalingan.


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