Whatever It Takes

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September 11, 2012 by AJ Briones

For a very long time now, my faith and belief has changed into something that is contrary to some who have been in the same faith as I have. A number of Christians out there may be idealistic in a sense or the view of many but as for me, because of the things that had happen in my life, I have started to come to a next level that we have to embrace reality as realistic Christians.

“If you love the Lord, you’d do anything FOR HIM, whatever it takes.”

That’s a tweet I read online. Yeah, I am really sold out to the idea that as Christians we have to do anything God asks of us. The thing is that it is not obedience as a form of force but a form of obedience geared towards love. And the thing about obedience is that it is done with an option.

As a person who loves looking at what the scripture says and connecting it with realistic fact, I could possibly tell you that I disagree with the statement. I could say that simply for the reason that it contradicts reality factors. What do I mean about reality factors? I’m talking about the inescapable reality of temptation, persuasion and pressure. Christianity does not give a guarantee for us that we will not face such realities. Facing such realities become the fight or flight of doing anything or whatever it takes for God.

You may tell me that I am speaking falsehood right now or I am being a pessimistic person but here’s my argumentation to the matter; not that I am actuality arguing or something. I do not understand what I do. For what I want to do I do not do, but what I hate I do. Those were the words of the Apostle Paul.  Take note, Paul was the guy who wrote most of the New Testament. There is no argument that this guy loves God and wants to do everything for him but he does not deny the presence of realistic factors and is falling at times (based on analysing what the verse says).

Here’s a conclusion to what I said earlier. Doing whatever it takes is an idealistic fact but being ideal does not mean that it would be unattainable. Fight or Flight, all of us will go through that and some would fall at times and some would not and keep their heads up high  saying that they did it but none can say that all their lives as Christians, they have never done something that is contrary to God’s standards. Doing whatever it takes to follow Jesus is a true admirable thing to do but it is more of a goal than a prerequisite to be called a lover of God. Yes, as a goal like football players who roll on the ground as they trip in their way to the goal for a winning shot, every Christian regardless of how long have they been in their walk has tripped on the muddy field called life on their way to the goal which is doing everything for Christ.

The point is that you shouldn’t feel down. As football players trip on the mud and stand up to run once again to make a goal and save the ball from a goal of their enemy, stand up once again and run towards your goal.

Given the reality, I can never say that I will do everything for God at all times because I will fall one way or the other. That’s a part of humanity. What I can say is that I will never lose sight of the goal. I will run and reach the goal regardless of how many times I fall. For those who have fallen, the ball game called life isn’t over. Repent, stand up once again and run to the goal which is Christ Jesus our Lord.

Note: Repentance isn’t a license or justification to continue on sinning. Repent and make every effort to leave the life of sin. Read Romans 6:1-4.


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  • Mud Men: Northcote Park Players Picture by Kris Reichl Leader (Edited by AJ Photography)

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