The Surge

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September 6, 2012 by AJ Briones

A sudden powerful forward or upward movement; have you ever felt that? Have you ever experienced such a fascinating feel in your body? The sudden rush of blood and rush of strength uncontainable by the body and boosts it to make a move? Well, I have. It’s kind of a regular thing for some people. Imagination really has a price at times.

I’m no good writer and not that much known for my foresight of things. I’m imaginative but not that much imaginative to build my thoughts into structures. It doesn’t arise in me in a day basis. Yes, in a day basis. There is something so peculiar about me and I believe some would identify with me.

At exactly nine in the evening I would shut the lights of my room and lock my door. I would lie in my bed and browse through my phone in order to get boredom to take its toll upon me and catch me a long evening sleep. I wish that would happen. What happens to me a lot different; remember I told you that I am not the imaginative type in the day time? That’s the opposite of me in the night time.

As I close my eyes, colours start to burst through my head. It was thoughts, imagination and plans for the future. Those were the stacked up ideas I was not using the whole day surging out of my head pushing me into sleeplessness. I can’t call it bad. Most of my blogs and artworks come from that phenomenon. Sometimes, late at night I would open my laptop and work on a blog or probably do an artwork of mine. I guess, my artistic instinct kicks in at that time.

The surge is a talent that it controllable by some and some like me do not have much control over it; but it pushes us up to a level that we did not believe we can reach. I know I am kind of sounding like a writer of Heroes or Alphas; or probably you are thinking that my imagination has gone berserk; but I guess this is what I call the truth that I experience.

The point is this; use every opportunity that comes along your way because thing s was placed in our life for a purpose and use. Use each skill and opportunity with wisdom and for the better.

Be very careful, then, how you live—not as unwise but as wise, making the most of every opportunity, because the days are evil. Ephesians 5:15-16 (NIV1984)


TIP: Having a hard time to sleep at night? If you’re not a Surge Type like me, do this, Close your eyes and in your mind count to a hundred. Never open your eyes in-between the count. Theory has it those forty seconds through your count your consciousness steps back for the unconscious mind to work, thus making you go into a sleep mode; entering the dream world. Again, count to a hundred or ever plan two-hundred. Just follow the rule; never open your eyes even a tiny bit.


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