Blessing from Blessing

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August 17, 2012 by AJ Briones

Lately, I have been going to Alabang every Friday in order to pick up KC from Meralco. This was in some sort of way another day for me but a quite interesting thing happened to me as I traveled. Here it goes.

When I arrived at LRT Santolan, the lines for the one way ticket were kind of long so I figured out which line was the shortest. I followed the line until it was almost my turn. About three persons before my turn, I saw a young lady from our Church in Metro East enter the station. She was walking back and forth through the lines looking for the best spot. I called out her name but she was not hearing me because of her headset. She placed herself on a very long line. It was my time to buy a ticket. Upon seeing her, I decided to buy two tickets instead and walked toward the young lady and gave her the ticket. She was not expecting to see me and was relieved that I bought her a ticket. Realized that she was going to MRT Shaw which was along my way to MRT Ayala. It was nice to have someone to talk to but when we reached MRT Cubao, the lines were overwhelming once again but we still lined up ourselves. After buying our tickets on the shortest line we went up to the platform and found ourselves in the presence of so many people. I gave her an option to line up with me or on the ladies area. It would be a lot convenient for her. She decided to go to the ladies area. I was all alone now and was not having a good time satnding. There was a long line for the train entrance and no train has arrived yet in comparison to the opposite platform that had two trains pass by it already. I set in my mind that I would not be able to ride the next train. It was a long line and MRT Cubao was know for sardine can-like accommodation. The horn or the train was heard. I was not too excited and was thinking I won’t get in anyway, I just have to secure my place for the next train or the train after that. I was amazed. A new train arrived and it was empty. It must have come from the Cubao LRTA depot. I was able to get inside the MRT and secure a place where the air-conditioning was good. When I arrived to Ayala Station another interesting thing happened. There was an empty Alabang South Station Bus waiting for me. Instead of arriving super late I reached Meralco only 30 minutes late since it was really late when I got out of the house. It was an amazing blessing.

What did I learn? Blessing people leads to blessing. As simple as that. People may not be able to reward us for what we do but in God’s perfect time, He will give us a reward He made for us. Thank you for reading. My faith in increased! 🙂


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