True Love: It Can Never Get as Human as This!

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July 31, 2012 by AJ Briones

Loving forever is something we all aim for. It sounds so easy but the truth is difficult but truly rewarding. I used to believe that love was such a magical thing that we experience like an extraordinary feeling that we will never experience ever in our lives but you know what? Once you get to meet true love, you get to see that it isn’t really so magical or like a fantasy story you watch in the television.  It is so true and so real that every detail of it is covered with the flesh of one’s humanity. True love is so human and I believe that it was designed that way.

Yes, I believe in a number of my posts I have mentioned that love isn’t an emotion but a decision we have to make each day with a person we have a deep commitment with; but that does not mean that it is distant from experiencing emotions and feelings. The rush of blood, the intense joy, the intense pain of hurt or deep desire to protect; all those are part of true love but does not embody it.  At often times when we get hurt we tell ourselves that this isn’t love or this isn’t the person I loved but the truth is as we go deeper into a relationship, we will always get hurt. Hurt not in the sense of martyrdom but hurt that is essential to know a person more and accept a person more because when we reach a point of acceptance, there we will find a love that has been purified and crafted by time and a desire to keep on moving forward.

Keep on moving forward. That’s a big truth we have to realize about love. It keeps on moving forward in order to keep on loving. It needs to grow as a part of experiencing pain. I could remember a film I used to watch when I was a high school student. It was entitled “A Walk to Remember”. There was this specific conversation there that I really loved and would like to quote when we talk about love and here it goes:

Jamie: Without suffering there would be no compassion.

Landon: Yeah, well tell that to those who suffer.

Yeah, we are talking about love and not really talking about compassion but compassion and suffering are two important ingredients of what makes love purified. In love there will always suffering or pain or hurt but in the end there is a form of compassionate love that transcends all the experiences and pains that come along with it. I can say that to everyone but I would get a response kind of like what Landon said. Tell that to those who suffer. Pain is pain no matter how much we sugar coat it. It will always have a sting to continue on loving and deciding. Deciding to love every day involves overcoming the emotions that come along with it every single day. Emotions, feelings, doubts, disappointments and a box of negative things can be said about another person but to transcend it all involves a decision to not ignore pain but to know that the pain of loving has a good reason in the end.

At often times, we all get so selfish and think that love is a beautiful valley filled with butterflies and roses without thorns but love is as natural as it gets. Yes, beautiful but roses will always have their thorns and vallies will always have their steep edges. Conquering those is a part of growing in love. Nobody said that to love humans is easy. Even Jesus loved us and felt the difficulty but still endured the emotions and continued on loving.

My prayer in writing this is that God would teach me to love and endure. I know that I will always get hurt or offended but that is a big part of it all. To love unconditionally isn’t an option. It’s a must for all of us who wants to achieve the truth of love.


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