The Dark Tale

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July 28, 2012 by AJ Briones

From childhood, I have been exposed to many things of the Christian faith. Stories of wondrous things that had happen to people. Stories about life change. Stories about people with extraordinary experiences claiming that they met God in a significant way; that God was the one who personally met with them. Of course I don’t mean something literal like God going down from the clouds and fixing the situation of people but His evident work and thumb print in a detail of one person’s life. Stories of life change did not really appeal me in my younger days. In fact, as a child I was so fascinated with the idea of darkness.

Remember those days when you were a child? If you were a boy, you’d probably be using action figures like Captain America or Superman. If you were a girl, you’d probably be using dolls like Barbie, Ken or any soft fuzzy toy like a teddy bear or elephant. Do you actually remember how you played with those toys? You actually pick up the toy and speak for them; creating your own plot. And if you were playing with a younger of older brother or sister, you would sew together a story along the way of your journey through the land of imagination? Well, that was the case of my younger brother and I. We would do role playing and play significant roles in our games. I could remember myself being the dominant elder brother, taking up the role of the dark or evil persona in the story. I loved the idea of being the antagonist involved with the dark arts in our play time. Every time my brother and I would play, I was the visible person taking up the role of the almighty evil.

I actually grew up with such a mentality that I was meant for a darker force and the goodness was a weakness. No one actually knew that I had a Trojan horse heart; wooden outside for everyone to see it was beautiful but filled with a hidden dark force inside. The darkness actually fascinated me though I feared it. I would make up words I don’t understand and use them as chants focusing on an evil force though I refused to call out Satan because I was so afraid of such darkness before but little did I know that I was inviting the same presence in my life.

During my younger years before I entered High School, my mother would ask people from her Church to have a Bible study at our house. My mom would actually force us to sit down with everyone, singing songs with them and listening to the pastor. And in one of those days that I decided to rebel against my mother at a Bible study, a horrifying memory that still at the present day makes my hair to rise happened. My mother asked my younger brother and I to sit at the living room with everyone. I was not listening so I took one big bond paper and a number of my pens sat on the floor as they sang songs and read their Bibles. I went on scribbling on the paper and focusing intently at what I was drawing. At the middle of their talk, a chill went over me as I was drawing on the floor. My sight started to black out as if there was lights turn on and off. A few seconds after, a counter clockwise spin of my sight started to happen and accompanied the blinking darkness. My eyes kept on trying to see and focus on what I can see as my breath started to feel a thinness of the air. To my shock at the spinning image flashing through my sight an image of a dark woman with evil eyes started to come to view on my paper on the floor. Black lipstick, old face, eyes almost red with anger and her hair was black with small whites; messy and looked like it was dry, I was stunned at the image and I could not breath and forced my head to look up at one of the persons in the Bible study. He sat alone on one of our long couches but I saw something different. I saw two who sat at both his sides wearing white shirts and had black skin whose eyes can’t be seen because of a blur as if the only thing you could see is the eye sockets of one man’s skull. I was in fear and as I looked down I saw the woman ones again laughing at me with an evil smile. I looked at both my side and saw the image of the dark beings that sat on the couch. They were all around us.  Everywhere I looked I saw the dark images. My sight started to spin and spin as I started to hear a voice that I couldn’t actually remember what it said. My eyes started to black out not knowing what to do. I gave a loud shout that took the attention of everyone in the Bible study. Crawled my way fast toward my mother and hugged her so tight. My heart was beating so fast and I cried; little did I know that I was drawing the same images on my piece of paper I left on the floor. Now as I can recall it, I never really knew what happened to that piece of paper. Don’t know if they tore it apart or threw it to the trash can. All I could remember was that after my experience, they all prayed for me. As they prayed, I still saw the images of the black beings around us so closed my eyes as they prayed for me and when I opened my eyes, they were gone; a paranormal incidence? I don’t know. I am still clueless about what happened that day, if that was all true, a dream or a case of a child’s imagination going overboard. I have no idea. Similar experiences happened to me a after a few years and have subsided when I knew Jesus and accepted Him in my life.

What’s the whole point of talking about this? I guess that this may be a reminder for the parents out there. Please be involved in knowing what or how your children play. It is indeed an important thing to know who they think they are ina world of imagination because with that, we can see their hearts.


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